How to Protect Yourself

New Phone Scams being reported

Some customers have received phone calls from individuals claiming to be with Microsoft Tech Support and other tech support companies. The “techs” are attempting to gain remote access to customer computers. They are also trying to obtain account information, including debit card numbers. Should you receive any suspicious phone calls, please DO NOT give any personal information over the phone, but contact an Internet Banking Rep immediately at (816) 436-1900. Other customers have received calls on their cell phones from individuals claiming to be from a collection agency. They are stating an item was returned on their account and monies are owed; then attempting to get account information advising they will debit to collect the funds. When information is refused, they threaten to call police.

Please remember that we will NEVER call you and ask for any personal information including debit card/atm card number. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 816-436-1900.


You can take action to protect your identity, your personal information and the security of your accounts. Check out the following links to tips and suggestions for keeping your online and offline transactions secure.

Report Fraud

Fraudulent Emails & Websites:
Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Cards:
Customer Service:
(816) 436-8812 (regular banking hours)
(866) 546-8273 (after banking hours)|
(414) 341-6536 (international)
Call collect if outside the US.
Lost/Stolen Checks:
Customer Service:
(816) 436-8812
Suspicious Transactions:
Customer Service:
(816) 436-8812

Fraud & Identity Theft Resources

 Look for Alerts. We monitor and post alerts on our home page as soon as we become aware of a threat.

FDIC: Don’t be an Online Victim

FTC: Fighting Identity Theft

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