Personal Loans

Auto Loans (New and Used)

As the price of a new car has risen, the decision to buy has become a major financial transaction. Let us help with our fixed-rate simple-interest loans. Please call for more information.

CD Loans

Borrow against your certificate of deposit for any needs you may have (excluding IRA CDs).

Home Equity Line of Credit

If you own your own home, you will find a Home Equity Credit Line an excellent source of credit. You can use the money for improvements, college expenses, investments or any other purpose you may have in mind.

A home Equity Credit Line is an open-ended line of credit, which means you may borrow up to your credit limit by simply writing a check. As you repay the loan you may borrow again up to the same limit an as a bonus. You only pay interest on the amount you borrow, not the entire limit of the credit line. In many cases, the interest on the Home Equity Credit Line is tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.

There is no penalty for early payment, and no need to come to the bank each time you need additional cash, however the minimum check amount must be for at least $100. Increments above this minimum can be for any additional amount.